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Maria Kessler


A veteran of stock photography companies such as FPG International, Dynamic Graphics, and Jupiterimages, Maria managed key photographer relationships, oversaw global production shoots, collection acquisitions, distribution partnerships with other agencies,strategic sales agreements, and managed various rights issues (privacy, model releases and sensitive subjects). 

Maria's background is rich in advocating for industry standards and building cooperative relationships among organizations with common goals.  As a past president of the trade organization Picture Archive Council of America, now known as Digital Media Licensing Association (DMLA), Maria helped rally support to combat common issues such as unauthorized copying of textbooks by Google – which ultimately became the Google Books Settlement.  She also backed common copyright and privacy objectives that were pro artist rights.

After leaving stock photography, Maria helped launch ImageRights International, an image recognition software service that serves photographers and agencies by monitoring their images, finding unauthorized image uses, and securing retro-active image licenses. – a.k.a. post licensing. 

For the past handful of years Maria has syndicated article packages as well as video for and to large media organizations.


Today, as a blockchain evangelist, Maria has been providing presentations and organizing panels to discuss the benefits and adoption of blockchain solutions for photography and other digital media.  She is active in developments within the photographic industry as well as in sister industries of music, video, art and digital rights. 

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