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Blockchain Primer

Updated: Jul 9, 2018

Some resources that will help you understand blockchain technology.

For anyone who is new to blockchain, the one thing that I have found that really helps to learn all about it is to read several articles (so it is explained several different times), and to see visuals and watch YouTube presentations of how it works.

Here's the real secret though. We generally need to know how it works to understand the great benefits of this technology, but similar to the protocols that started when the Web got going, we are not going to need to learn all the details - leave that to the developers.

Here's my short list of great materials to help you learn:

  • This animated infographic Reuters is simplistic, but it's actually really good. Reuters.

  • This commercial from IBM is all about blockchain in the supply chain - tracking food, goods, (special inventory, diamonds).

  • This BlockGeeks article references a number of the earliest blockchain evangelists. It steps through blockchain in a simple way (hopefully).

  • And, here's a New York Times magazine article that goes through the history and early adoption of blockchain. This article is a good one but extremely long.  I took it bit by bit in 3 seatings.

This is just basic information. Go look up some YouTube videos to also learn more. I am keeping it simple for now. I will provide updates from time to time or create whole sections on various aspects of working with blockchain.

Enjoy. Reread. Let it sink in.

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