• Maria Kessler

The UJO Platform

Music is the frontier for blockchain because the music industry has become clusters of centralized businesses such as record labels, ticketing agents, concert venues and streaming companies. To really achieve any modicum of success, the music artist must work with these intermediaries all vying for pieces of payment (usually large pieces). A number of companies have taken a dive into blockchain technology in an effort to offer more control to music artists by decentralizing the business model and allowing direct sales to fans. UJO is one of the early pioneers in this movement. UJO wants to let music artists control their digital masters so they can sell their music directly to fans. They also want to let music artists to control how and where their music is marketed, to know that their royalties are being properly paid, and to allow licenses that they can control and trust. While marketplaces have existed before, the control and trust that blockchain technology offers is what makes this new frontier different.

Here are a few backgrounder articles on UJO:

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